Whistleblowing - GK Whistle

GK is a responsible company with high ethical standards and respect for everything that is affected by our business. We strive to facilitate openness and value those who blow the whistle if they are observing or experiencing something that is not in line with our values ​​and ethical guidelines.

Our external whistleblowing service contributes to early warning that reduces risk and is a vehicle for promoting good business ethics and for maintaining trust from employees, customers and society.

GK Whistle is a channel where employees, customers, suppliers or other parties anonymously can report suspicions of neglect or breach of rules.

Primarily we encourage you to contact a manager in our organisation if you have something to report. If you feel you cannot be open with your information, we offer the option of reporting your concern anonymously through GK Whistle.

Anonymous notification can be used to report concerns about something that is inconsistent with GK's values ​​and ethical guidelines, and that may affect our company or people's lives and health. You do not need proof of your suspicions, but all reports must be submitted in good faith.

Your report will be treated securely and confidentially

GK Whistle is provided by an external partner, WhistleB, to ensure secure data processing and anonymity for the alerting party. The reporting process is encrypted, and password protected and all dialogue with notifications takes place through the third-party solution.

All reports are treated confidential and data is deleted when the case and investigations are completed.


How to submit an anonymous report

Click here to go to external alert service: GK Whistle

Your report is sent easily and securely by following the instructions in the form. When you send the report, you will receive a personal ID and a password on the screen. These must be stored securely. You will remain anonymous throughout the dialogue via this service.

You will immediately receive a confirmation that your notice has been registered and within 10 calendar days you will receive an answer or a follow-up question. Remember that you must log in to see the dialogue. Since you are anonymous, we do not have the opportunity to notify you of the answer.